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Educational Program for Cooperative Garden Members

Education about how to get seeds from different plants

Target group: Persons interested in gardening

Location: The programme can be carried out in any location. 

Staff: One - two persons 

Duration: 2h.

Preparations: You need to prepare in advance different types of seeds, vegetables, fruits to take with you and show during the educational event. The following selection of plants shows different agricultural products and seeds: beans (garden and broad beans), peas (yellow, green, grey), potatoes, cucumbers, carrots, swede, sour cherries, onion, garlic, lentils, nuts and acorn, apples, currents, salat, herbs (cumin, oregano), perennial flowers (Hesperis matronalis, Aquilegia vulgaris, Papaver somnifera). Prepare also a few things that participants can taste, for example cooked or fried potatoes of different sorts, carrots, swedes or beans.

  • Starting up with presentation of participants. Each person tells why they participate in this education. 

  • What makes a heritage plant different, special and valuable?

  • How can we save heritage seeds? (growing seeds, different plants, cross pollination, safe distances, collecting, cleaning and storing of seeds)

Evaluation of the education: Asking each participant to tell what was new for her/him and what was inspiring. It is important that each person will say something as the learning will occur first after the reflection.  

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